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Batik Sarong Night...Be the Sarong King and Queen

YES! You will be given a Batik Sarong @ the conference.

How A Batik Sarong Is Made?

The Malaysian sarong is basically a batik sarong. It basically is a length of fabric measuring about a yard wide and length around two and a half yard. There are three parts to a sarong which is the head, body and leg. The "kepala" or head is a foot wide area located in the centre of the sarong which would be stamped with a batik chop pattern forming a panel of batik design which would be usually contrast from the body of the batik. The leg would be stamped with a batik chop alongside its width to indicate that it is the bottom of the sarong. 

Batik sarong creation begin with a length of white cloth (usually the same length as the finished sarong) spread on top of a special table which had a layer of thin sponge layered in between the sturdy wooden table and plastic covering. Water would be placed to wetten the table surface. A chop which is actually a stamp would be dipped in hot wax before being applied to the white cloth. Different kind of chop would be used to create the head, body and leg of the sarong. This process is repeated until the desired pattern is created.

Afterwards, the cloth would be dyed in the desired colour. The process of stamping and batik and the dyeing of the batik would be repeated again and again until the desired colour and design is a achieved.

After the dye had dried, the batik would be soaked in a silikat solution to ensure the permanency of the day for up to 8 hours. Then, the cloth would be boiled to removed the wax. The intricacies of the batik pattern and their colour would emerged at this point. The batik sarong would be rinsed in clean water and hung to dry. It is now ready for use!

The Multiple Use of Batik Sarong

There are many ways for a Batik Sarong to be utilised. Of course for Malays, it is an everyday usage item. For ladies it is used as a skirt pair maybe with a comfy t-shirt at home or the glamorous kebayas for formal functions. For the outsiders, batik sarong is more of a beachwear, a cover up for the bikinis and such.
Here are some of the other uses of versatile & wonderful batik sarong:

As a Table Cover
A simple spread of batik sarong onto a table is wonderful in transforming a room into a tropical sanctuary.

A curtain or a sofa throw
For an unsewn batik, just use the length of batik to act as a curtain. It is also used as a wall hanging as each batik sarong is an art itself as each one is hand blocked and therefore each piece is unique.

A Towel / Beach Mat / Picnic Mat/A Blanket
Just lay the batik anywhere, it would look good be it at the beach or in the park.

A Batik pants.. Batik Blouse.. the list is endless
Nowadays, you can even find ready made pants made from batik sarong material. Else, just buy an unsewn batik sarong and based on your own body measurement, you can create a dress, a blouse, pants, skirts, bags.. the possibility is endless. You might also consider to make a cushion cover.

A Quilting Material
Basically, a batik sarong with its different and beautiful pattern for its three part of bodies is wonderful for quiting projects.

As a Head Shawl
Long time ago, this is a traditional use of the batik sarong. Ladies would wear one sarong as skirts and another one as a shawl to protect the head from the sun as well as a modesty veil for the men that they like.

As Baby Hammock "Sarong Buaian"
In Asian countries, it is a common sight seeing a batik sarong to be fashioned into a hammock, attached to a spring and strung up on ceiling beams. I was one of those babies being swing to sleep using one of these buai (swing). Nowadays, the role of batik has been replaced by a mesh sarong which enable better air circulation for the baby.

As a Baby Carrier
Batik as a baby carrier or sling is easy to make. Just sling the batik sarong tube across your body. One side below one hand and another on your shoulder. Tie up the batik side for the sarong to ensure the sling is just right for your baby (I prefer toddlers) to sit snugly inside the batik sarong and towards you.

Batik Sarong is a versatile item with endless possibility of uses.

How to Wear Batik Sarong?

Tube Wrap
This is how Malays from the early centuries had worn the Batik Sarong - just the sarong tied tube style at chest level & nothing else. Only after the arrival of Islam, ladies had become more modest and worn the batik sarong at waist level, pairing loose blouse or kebayas to cover their upper bodies.

Box Fold Batik Sarong
This is how we usually wear it when paired either with a comfy t-shirt at home or fancy lacy kebayas for special occasions.

A Line Batik Sarong
Another way of wearing the batik sarong as an alternative to Box Fold style. The same way of wearing this is also used by men wearing their Kain Pelikat, kind of Batik Sarong for men. Kain Pelikat designs usually just solid colour with checkered or line patterns.

Off Shoulder Batik Sarong Dress
Should you are bored with Tube Style Batik Sarong.. try Off Shoulder or Toga Dress.
Halter Neck Batik Sarong
Another cute alternative into making the Batik Sarong an exotic Halter Neck Mini Dress. Pairing it with a narrow belt or classic chain belt would make this outfit an original.

Short Skirt Batik Sarong
Here is one way of wearing the Batik Sarong

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