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Where is Terengganu state located? 

Fast Facts

Geography & Climate
Terengganu is situated in the east coast of Peninsular Malaysia. To the north lies the Kelantan state, and the state of Pahang to the south. Terengganu covers a land area of 12,995 square kilometres with 244km of scenic coastline overlooking South China Sea. With an equatorial location roughly 4˚45'N 103˚0'E, Terengganu boasts a fine tropical climate, with uniform temperatures averaging from 23-33 degrees celsius and a mean humidity of about 90%. Rainfalls are copious, accounting to Terengganu's lush rainforest and vegetation. Generally two seasons are distinguished: the rainy/wet season, and the dry season. The wet season starts in November until February, with the onset of the northeast monsoon in Peninsular Malaysia and dry season starts March until October.

State Capital
Kuala Terengganu, the heritage waterfront city, is strategically located on the banks of the Terengganu River. 

Administrative Districts
Kuala Terengganu, Kemaman, Dungun, Besut, Hulu Terengganu, Marang and Setiu

Terengganu has a population approximately 1,094,300 consisting of 95% Malays and the rest comprising of Chinese, Indians and other ethnics. 

Working Days
Government offices and banks working days are from Sunday to Thursday and the weekend falls on Friday and Saturday. 

How to get there? 

There are a few ways to get into and around Terengganu. Luxury express coaches and taxis head to Kuala Terengganu from most the major towns and cities in Peninsular Malaysia, plying on regular and efficient service along the highway. Malaysian highways are also connected with international routes from Thailand and Singapore, making travelling in very much accessible and conveniece. Travellers from Kuala Lumpur can use the new East Coast highway. Those from the northern region should try the scenic Simpang Pulai/Tasik Kenyir highway while those from Singapore could either use the Segamat highway or the coastal Mersing road.

Malaysia Airlines, Air Asia and Firefly offer daily and regular flights from Kuala Lumpur to Kuala Terengganu. Firefly Air also operates on new ATR 75 regular flights from Kuala Lumpur to Kerteh in Kemaman as well as from Penang to Kuala Terengganu. Berjaya Air operates direct daily service to Pulau Redang from Subang Airport in Kuala Lumpur and Seletar Airport in Singapore.

There are airport and town taxis as well as town and district bus services. Hotel reception assisted taxis on call services. Even car rental offers reasonable rates for those wishing to explore at their own pace. Those who prefer to explore Kuala Terengganu city should try either the Heritage City bus that departs from Dataran Shahbandar to its selected routes within the city or try the slower paced and beautifully decorated trishaws which offer fun rides.

Local Transportations:
  • Heritage City Shuttle Bus
  • Beca/Trishaw
  • Taxi
  • Water Taxi (Bot Penambang)

Beaches in Terengganu

The Longest Coastline in Malaysia

The magnificent 244km coastline of Terengganu offers much in the form of secluded palm-fringed coves and popular picnic spots for a family outing by the beach. Easily accessible via the picturesque coastal highway, a walk on the beach is recommended. Set against the idyllic islands as picture perfect backgrounds with traditional fishing villages and their coastal fishing boats dotted on the stretches of golden sands. An early morning walk is recommendable, pampered by cool breeze of the sea to witness activities of local fishermen or perhaps to witness the dazzling colours of sunrise.

While all the beaches on the islands are suitable for swimming activities, most beaches on the mainland are rather dangerous for swimming due to unpredictable undercurrent. There are of course signage to advise visitors of the dangers. Extreme water sport activities are even held in the breaking waves of the monsoon season such as surfing while jet ski is held in the open waters off the coast. There is even an annual swimming race from Pulau Kapas to Pantai Kelulut held in the calm seas of April.

Beaches in Terengganu:
  • Air Tawar Beach
  • Batu Buruk Beach
  • Batu Rakit Beach
  • Bukit Keluang Beach
  • Chendering Beach
  • Merang Beach
  • Kelulut Beach
  • Kemasik Beach
  • Kijal Beach
  • Penarik Beach
  • Paka Beach
  • Rantau Abang Beach
  • Tanjung Jara
  • Teluk Bidara Beach

Food Paradise

Due to its geographical location and historical background, Terengganu cuisine displays a strong influence of Thai, Chinese and Indian cuisines. Dining out in Terengganu is relatively inexpensive and there are always plenty of choices ranging from hotels to hawker stalls. With endless variety of delicious temptations available day or night in Terengganu, your taste buds may need to work overtime to savour it all. The cuisine of Terengganu, an east coast state of Peninsular Malaysia, is distinctively memorable for its fresh ingredients, inimitable spices and unique flavours.

Keropok lekor, nasi dagang and laksam Terengganu are among the signature cuisines of Terengganu.

Delicacies of Terengganu
  • Ayam Percik     
  • Kerabu Pucuk Paku
  • Bubur Lambuk   
  • Lompat Tikam
  • Nasi Dagang      
  • Lemang
  • Laksa Terengganu            
  • Mek Comel
  • Otak-otak          
  • Ketupat Sotong
  • Laksam                 
  • Keropok Lekor
  • Satar
  • Kuih Akok

Natural Attraction

Terengganu – A Unique Fabric of Nature, Tradition & Heritage

Vibrant, wild, and uniquely exciting, Terengganu promises to astound you with an amalgam of wonders. The islands, beaches, marine lives, wetlands, lakes, waterfalls and rivers are among the nature’s best kept secret. Its treasure trove is home to some of the most spectacular wonders of the natural world, including 130 million-year-old rainforest and Lake Kenyir, the largest man-made lake in Southeast Asia.

  • La hot spring
  • Lata Tembakah
  • Chemerung Waterfall
  • Bewah Cave
  • Hutan Lipur Sekayu
  • Kenyir Lake
  • Recreational Park & Zoo
  • Yak Yah’s Firefly Sanctuary
  • Marang River Cruise
  • Turtle Sanctuary
  • Peladang Setiu Resort
  • Taman Burung Kuang Ajil
  • Pasir Raja Forest Reserve


Emerald of The East

Blue skies and crystal-clear emerald waters are enticing enough to pull flocks of tourists to the islands off the coast of Terengganu. For those looking for an escapade from stresses of concrete jungle, the pristine beaches and rich sea life are a perfect hideaway. Indeed, divers are fascinated by the wealth of marine life and beautiful corals that surround these islands. Pulau Perhentian, Lang Tengah, Redang, Kapas and Tenggol are marine park gazettes.

As such the clusters of islands are being preserved as priceless emeralds of irresistible allure. Soft, powdery white sandy beaches fringe stunning underwater gardens of crystal clear azure waters, with a backdrop of verdant tropical jungle clad hills offer highly diverse species of flora and fauna.

Visitors can indulge in so much fun, exciting and memorable activities such as diving, snorkeling, swimming, squid fishing, camping, canoeing or jungle trekking. Or prefer having a perfect holiday by just lying in the shades of swaying coconut trees, enjoying the cool breeze doing practically nothing.

Beauty Under The Sun

Sports and Recreation

Sports & Recreations

Terengganu is blessed with diverse and natural rugged terrains, mountains, lakes, rivers, exotic flora & fauna, beaches, island and underwater marine life. These destinations not only attract holiday makers but a suitable venue for extreme water sports that attracts participants to challenge oneself up to the limit against nature’s backdrop. The multitudes of geographical structures makes it possible to indulge in any kind of activity. Terengganu is divided into seven districts, all with its own unique charms full of surprises and discovery, which makes the more reason you would like to stay longer after the event is over.

Be it mountain climbing, triathlon disciplines, squid jigging, horse endurance ride or yacht racing, the mountain is never merely a place with all kinds of sky scraping trees, the islands are no more a place just to have fun with fishes in the water and the beaches are no more a place for body tanning.

Sports & Adventure
  • 4WD
  • Caving
  • Equestrian
  • Trekking
  • Scuba Diving
  • River Rafting
  • Monsoon Cup
  • Watersport
  • Golf

  •  Bakau Tinggi Recreational Park
  •  Batu Buruk Recreational Park
  •  Chemerung Waterfall
  •  KT Waterfront
  •  LA Hot Spring
  •  Lata Tembakah
  •  Lata Sekayu
  •  Tasik Kenyir
  •  Taman Kuang Ajil
  •  Medan Maziah
  •  Taman Rekreasi & Mini Zoo


Terengganu - The Shopper's Paradise

Terengganu is filled to the brim with weekend markets, night markets, small shops and handicraft centres selling practically all types of handcrafted items you can think of. These places are sprouted up in every village and town of Terengganu, so no matter where you go, there's always something special to be found by the bargain hunter, the souvenir collector or the art collector in you.

Nowhere else but in Terengganu can you find so many different places selling so many different things on every street. With weekend markets, night markets and handicraft centres in practically every village and town, shoppers will be spoilt for choice in shopping for batik, songket, silk, keris, woodcarvings, woven mats, baskets, silverware and brassware; not to mention all kinds of costumes, beachwear and even fresh seafood. Indeed, Terengganu is the well-kept secret for bargain hunters, souvenir collectors and craft lovers.

All Shopping Trips:
  • Pasar Payang
  • Woodcarving
  • Sutera Semai
  • Batik Chop
  • Weekend Market
  • Noor Arfa Batik
  • Brassware
  • Malaysia Handicraft Centre

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