Educational Program

Synopsis and speakers profile for all the educational sessions (English, Mandarin & Bahasa Malaysia) are available below: 

Keynote Speech, by International President, George Yen, DTM
Toastmasters: Where Leaders Are Made (or Remade)


 Forum '14

Educational Program 1, by Mohamad Ariff Azahari, DTM
Finding Your Irresistible Voice

Educational Program 2, by Jorie Wu, DTM 
RISE with Toastmasters

Mandarin Workshop 1, by Eva Wong , DTM

Mandarin Workshop 2, Ryan Tay

Mandarin Workshop 3, Aaron Yap

Sesi Bahasa Malaysia, oleh Puan Azizah Endut
Kesantunan Dalam Berkomunikasi

To download all the above flyers, please click HERE.

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